Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another WOYWW snap shot!

Hi All!
Happy Wednesday! I've gotten most of my Art Studio back into shape. I have just a few short snap shots of my desk right now. I just finished up a Moley 3 page layout of Butterflies, Bees, and Blossoms for Jane's Moley which has been sent through the mail to the next artist.

As you can see, I have a new pair of reading glasses as from time to time my glasses get ruined with paint, permament marker (don't ask me how I got that on my rims! LOL).

I have started to work on some "Altered Hearts" for a SWAP I'm participating in. I'm using a mixture of elements on this round of hearts. They are supposed to be chunky hearts, so I may even create some plaster paris chunky hearts as well.

Don't forget to join Julia Dunnit's WOYWW on her blog at: and come join a bunch of talented individuals who love to create and share.

I hope that you all have a FABULOUS Wednesday and I hope to see you again soon!


3 Page Moley Layout for "Butterflies, Bees, and Blooms" Themed Moley.

The seweing machine has been brought out to help me play!

Playing around with Fabric and other Mixed Media

A beautiful Spring Morning with flowers and birds outside of my window.


Catie Cuddles said...

Some lovely stuff to see here! Thanks for sharing.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

oh wow, thats an awesome spread! wonderful colors!
happy WOYWW from #21

Julia Dunnit said...

Love the technical part of holding your curtains open..and oh what a beautiful sight in your garden! Never heard of a Moley before, but I love the page(s) you've made for it, a real feast for the eye!

karen said...

Wow, gorgeous layout for Butterflies, Bees and Blossoms! So vibrant and it really keeps your eyes looking all over the page! The hearts are looking good so far, can't wait to see what you do with them!
xoxo Karen #179

CraftygasheadZo said...

Some fab projects going on. Take care & enjoy snooping the WOYWW desks, it's now Thursday but I'm still nosing! Zo xx 74

okienurse said...

well I posted on the wrong day but hey better two comments then none I say! Love the finished butterfly Moley page. and it looks like you are having a good time with the mixed media. Wish I had a window near my desk but I don't. Maybe when I switch rooms I can set it up that way. Thanks for sharing and have a nice week. Vickie #138

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Debby,

Oh I love that painting! And your hearts look so pretty! I have reading glasses all over the place! Luckily they are the kind that I get at the drugstore so they aren't expensive.

The peek out your window looks lovely.

Happy WOYWW (on Thursday)

Eliza said...

Love your hearts and what you do with them, please keep us updated.
Beautiful flowering tree to view from your window.

Happy crafting
Eliza no 181

SophieNewton said...

Gorgeous layout, the colours are just stunning x
Sophie no.183

Anonymous said...

Awesome desk and projects. What have you been up to? Sue

Cindy D. said...

Poke. Poke.
You could post some things. :D

Cindy D. said...

Hey look it's me again, almost a year later, still poking! Or, re-poking. :D