Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Household Awakes Early Today!

Awoke to hearing him attacking his cube bells furociously this morning, in which got the dogs riled up!

Kora! The Mean-Bark-Run-And-Hide German Shepard.

Tucker! The 130 lb. chocolate lab who's bark is just an Act!
 But because of his size, No One Messes with him, except Kora!
So needless to say, a cup of coffee, a lock on the back door,
tennis balls and chew toys all have helped me to
enjoy the sunrise this Tuesday Morning! Hugs!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Giraffe for Cardmama for the MMH PIF over at ATCsforall.com

This is Gretta the Giraffe for the Whimsical Make Me Happy Play It Forward Thread on ATCsforall.com
I hope Cardmama loves it!

Mermaid Hobby~ Wood Burning Image on a wooden box

I enrolled in Suzzi Blu's Mermaid Class on line to see if I could calm my mermaid drawings down a bit and to learn some new styles and techniques. One of the projects was to wood burn a mermaid onto a wooden box. I DO NOT recommend buying the Darice Value Pack (Wood Box Set of 2) that is ready to paint and decorate from Michaels. I noticed that the boxes are made from several different types of wood and knew that this would be a challenge to wood burn on. It was! Because of the grains of the different wood, the wood burning tool did not go over some of the wood smoothly causing severe burn spots, indentations and most of the time bumpy (very bumpy) burn lines.
As you can see from my image, it is not smooth. I became very frustrated while wood burning. I finally gave up and did not burn anything else into the box and just went ahead and painted the box with water downed acryllics and prismacolor pencils.
This Mermaid will definately be redone on a different box with proper wood to use for smooth, clean wood burning. (Meaning, I'm going to do some research and find the best recommended wood to use the fabulous wood burning tool.)