Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WOYWW?? What's On My Desk this week?? Ha Ha

Happy Wednesday All! Today, Wednesday, February 8th I have tons on my work desk! I'm not even gonna show you all of what is on my plate today....just a wee bit too much!
I have been sulking in bed not able to do much as Modgepodge and gel mediums and gesso just don't work that well. I could just see me gessoing my honeys hair for a mixed media collage! tee hee. So, I have been drawing and thinking up creative ideas have been roaming around in the bedroom with me!
I have so much to do and am hoping this stomach bug will quickly go away. But, fighting it off takes alot out of me as I have a low imune system so I'll make this POST for WOYWW short and sweet.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Take Care! Keep Creating! I'm loving all the creating that I have been visiting on the blogs who are participating in Julia Dunnit's WOYWW. Just hop on over to her blog at: to participate and go and ga over all the yummy creating that happens each and every week!
Chipboard cut-outs of Birds so I can work on some fun mixed media techniques

Chipboard cut-outs of Fish. I'm participating in a mixed media swap over at
Mixed Media Malacious Fish Swap. The fish that have been submitted so far by other members
are turning out to be fabulous! I'm crossing my fingers that mine will be that good.

This is a 12x12 mixed media canvas that I have just started. I am working
on the background still and have a bit more techniques to use on it before
I can really get down to business on it!

This is my mixed media journal that I just started working on. I just
completed the front and back cover with my crackle used technique
and after this dries, I can work on adding my title and "stuff"
to really deck my first art journal out with. I figured it was time that
I create an art journal. I have kept personal journals for years and figured
why not try an art journal too this year. So, I guess you are coming
along with  me on my 2012 art journal! Wow! Now, how did I rope
you all in to this? tee hee

My art journal ready for some gesso and paint!

This is an 8 inch altered hand created for Grrdjules over
at in the PIF BlindHand Swap
She absolutley loves "Circus" themed items, so this
hand is called, "The Ringmasters Hand".
I hope she enjoys it.

Hugs, My Friends!