Friday, January 13, 2012

WOYWW~ A bit late

I am sooo late in posting my WOYWW for Wednesday January 11, 2012, but I made a goal for this year to post each and every Wednesday so I can participate in Julia Dunnit's What's On Your WorkDesk Wednesday that she has been graciously hosting for a few years now.

This past week, I have not used my desk much as I have been cozy and comfy creating on my mounds of bed pillows. What? Did I just type that right? Yep, I did. This past week, I have spent creating in the bedroom while watching old movies. I am preparing for an AFA Art Gathering in Arizona next week and have been spending hours upon hours  drawing, coloring, creating ATC cards and 4x4 chunkies to trade with the other participating artists. Not to mention, that I am behind on a 4x6 postcard personal trade request for a creepy doll. A personal request 3 card ATC trade, along with an Altered Hand that should be sent out today, oh wait, yesterday? Since I am pretending today is my Wednesday, Janaury 11, 2012.

Lately, my mind can't come up with cute, adorable writing paragraphs and it sounds so BLAH, BLAH, BLAH to me, I think I will stop talking and show you my desk for the week (including my office bed).
Remember, if you want to participate in Julia's WOYWW, just hop on over to her blog at:

An Altered Zombie Hand for a PIF over at
And, NO, I did not drink the contents of the empty bottles of Jack Daniels nor Smirnoff Vodka.
I snagged them to create an altered project with them.

Here are a bunch of chunky 4x4's to start working on for my trip to Arizona.

Just a few ATCs that I have created for trade. I just have some
finishing touches on some of them and then to start numbering them all.

Just some more completed ATCs waiting to be traded.

Here are 3 bird ATC cards that I just started this morning and
need to get back to, to finish up and also number for trade.

My final ATC to finish up with detail. He has been drawn with ink
and colored in with Markers. He is drawn on a piece of illustration
board that I found to be to cardboardy posterboard with massive bleeding tendencies.
I wish I could remember the name of it so I can warn you NOT to purchase it.
If I can locate it, I'll post it with MY review of the product. I was highly
disappointed but managed to illustrate some of the ATCs I used from it
and muddled to look decent.

An altered Hand made of cardstock and covered both sides with
Scrapbook cardstock (so I can decide which side I want to use
to create and alter).

Finally, Started on my "Creepy doll" 4x6 postcard trade with Mike
over at I think this will be a composite of Ink, pencil,
marker and pencil on 110lb. white cardstock.

I will definately post pictures of all completed projects. Thank you so much for stopping by
and visiting with me. I hope that somewhere out there in cyberspace and my 33 wonderful followers that I can inspire or give you that one spark of creativity to enable your capabilities to expand and grow. 

 Please feel free to post a comment or two. Or, if you have a question, I'd love to hear from you.
I hope that you will stop by again soon.