ATCs Art~ 2010

September 6, 2010~ What a nice holiday weekend! The kids are all working, but the hubby is home! Not that that's bad. I love him to death, but he has been trying to level up on one of his WOW Characters!! Waahhhooooo! That gives me hours and hours to draw! Just an occasional interruption from the dogs for some Momma attention!

#1118~ If I could Be Queen For Just One Day
#1119~ Silent Prayer - Traded
#1120~ Rainbow Colors
#1121 & 1122~ Eves Decision on Her Favorite Fruit (This is a 2 card drawing)- TRADED

September 5, 2010~ Here are some fun Angels I drew. Let's trade! Trade! Trade!

#1109~ Little Red- TRADED
#1110~ Pondering Angel- TRADED
#1111 & 1112 Letting Go~ This is a 2 Card Drawing -Traded
#1113~ Angel Delight - Traded
#1114~ Guardian Angel- TRADED
#1115 & 1116~ Obsidian Love (This is also a 2 card drawing)
#1117~ Jealous Envy- Traded

September 3, 2010~ Here are some ATCs available for trade! Just email me or post a message and as always, you can view my gallery over at

#1103~ Peacock I ~ TRADED
#1104~ Peacock II- TRADED
#1105~ Peacock III-TRADED
#1106~ Peach Tree
#1107~ Three Trees
#1108~ Forest

August 17, 2010~ "Baa Baa Black Sheep" This is a Personalized ATC for Miss Iowa over at

1068~ Baa Baa Black Sheep -TRADED

See more ATCs below.

August 17, 2010~ With Insomnia, comes creation time! Here are a few more completed ATCs available for trade.

1054~ Calvin
1055~ Rex

1058~ Shasta

1058~ Fred
1059~ Felix and Friends

1060~ Sheila Strolls -TRADED
1061~ Bert
1062~ Tip Toe Through The Tulips
1063~ Bad Hair Day

1064~ Marvin
1065~ Melvin
1066~ Doin' The Chicken Walk
1067~ Albert Angel

August 15, 2010~ ATCs Available for Trade.  Just leave a comment, or send me an email. I'd love to trade.

1045~ Chicken- TRADED

1046~ Sheep Can't Sleep-  TRADED

1047~ Stop to smell the flowers- TRADED

1048~ Cow

1049~ Moon I

1050~ Moon II

1051~ Moon III-TRADED

1052~ Sun I

1053~ Sun II- TRADED

#1020~ Frida- Marker/Ink- TRADED

#1021~ Kitties Counting Fish-TRADED

#1022~ Becky Sue & Teddy- Marker/Ink~ TRADED

#1023~ Becky Sue-TRADED

#1024~ Tiny Elf Loves Cherry Dessert

#1025~ Grapes on a Vine- Marker/Ink on Watercolor Paper

#1026~ Poppies- Watercolor/Marker/Ink on Watercolor

#1027~ Poppies II- Watercolor/Marker

#1028~Poppies III - Marker/Ink on Bristol- TRADED

#1029~ Poppies Stand Alone  - Marker/Ink on Bristol