I have decided to start a page just for recipe cards that I have created for the
Recipe Swap at

December 28, 2010~ Recipe for Lazy Day Oatmeal Cake For Sweet Tea

November 18, 2010~ Here is a goofy recipe card for Marinated Cucumber Pasta Salad for WildHolly. I know it's goofy, but this is the only thing I could come up with at the moment I started to create it!

November 10, 2010~ This recipe is for Coffee Cake for Charlie Brown. Yes, that is her Wonderful Whimsy Name. Hope she enjoys it.

November 9, 2010~ I created this quick easy recipe card of "Easy Gargonzola" for wildholly over at

October 31, 2010~ I decided to let my imagination get the best of me and have created this story book recipe card for Curried Chicken for TL. Hope she enjoys it. It was great fun to make and kept me entertained between our few trick-or-treaters.

October 30, 2010~ Here is a recipe for Holly. It's my Mom's Gone All Afternoon Stew.

October 29, 2010~ A recipe for TL of Red Beans and Rice

October 28, 2010~ Here is a recipe for Paprika Chicken for WildHolly! This recipe thread over at is just a hoot and fabulous recipes are coming from everywhere. Check it out!

October 25, 2010~ Here are two new recipes I made over the weekend for Paperscraps.
They are; "Peanut- Chicken Bowl" and "Chicken Pepper Pasta"
Hope she likes them. Since they are both going to Paper, I uploaded them together. It's kinda funny, but she keeps grabbing recipes from me lately! Ha ha... (she must be desperate! ha ha Just kidding Papers!) I love you and am always glad to share some recipes.

October 24, 2010~ Some new recipe cards I have completed.

October 18, 2010~ Here is a recipe for Cabbage Pig Rolls from my Aunt Colleen.

October 17, 2010~ I made a recipe card for WildHolly over at ATCSforall of Vinegar Glossed Chicken. It is a delicious recipe and one of my favorites.

October 15, 2010~ Here is another fun recipe card I made for Granola Bars. This recipe is for MomoEight over at I know she and her family will just love them!

October 14, 2010~ Here is a recipe for Gingerbread Cookies. This recipe has been passed down over 4 generations.This is the only Gingerbread recipe that I have ever used and I and other family members just love how the taste and texture of these cookies can be!

October 14, 2010~ Here are four more drink recipes I made for WildHolly over at

October 13, 2010~ Here are two fun recipes for Slush and Home Made Root Beer

October 10, 2010~ Recipe for Hot Chicken Salad

October 10, 2010~ Recipe for Pig Licking Good Cake

October 7, 2010~ Recipe for Nut Balls

October 6, 2010~ Recipe for Green Stuff.

October 5, 2010~ Recipe for Coffee Fudge.
This recipe comes from my sister Kami.
She is a totally excellent cook and comes up with some great recipes!

October 2, 2010~ Danish Dumplings (for chicken soup)
Here is the recipe WildHolly claimed today. So easy and quick
and delicious with soup. You have to move the chickens around
to see the ingredients. Creative huh? LOL

This recipe is for Marble Pumpkin Cheesecake. Excellent cake!

This recipe is so easy and quick! I love it when I have had a hectic day and the kids are hungry before their activities and need or want a quick bite to eat!