Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hello from Viva Las Vegas!
It's Wednesday morning and you all know what that means, right? No! Not the middle of the week. No! Not to vacuum and mop. No! No! No!...It's Julia Dunnit's FABULOUS "What's On Your WorkDesk Wednesday?" WHAT? Haven't seen it? Haven't Heard of it? OMG! Jump on over to, or click this link and away to vast far away places full of talented friends who love to share their work with us.

Since Julia is a frog hop across the pond, Her post comes out early Tuesday evening for us, here in the US. So, technically, I don't post until mid morning on Wednesday Las Vegas time! LOL Ohhh...maybe that's why I don't ever have too many people stop by the blog on Wednesday? Humm...maybe I'll have to create a macro so that as soon as Julia adds her WOYWW Post, my post will automatically appear and then sign in on Julia's Page! Yea! That's a fantastico brilliant idear! Now, if I can just manage to see if it will really work? That means, I'll have to be on my game with What's on my desk.

Below, you will find some pictures of some mixed media malicious Fish for grrrdjules malicious fish swap over at Jules is very talented.
You can find her blog here: and Juli's Etsy shop can be found here:

And now, here is my school of malacious "CutThroats" Fish:

In addition to the Mixed Media Malacious Fish,  here are a few WIPs I've been working on.

These are some 5x7 coldpressed watercolor postcards I have made. For the outline of each, I have used Micron ink. I will be using different mediums on each one. I will probably go with marker, acryllic, watercolor and ink in hopes to find the right blend and colors to create my final

This is the beginning of my 3 page layout for Jane's Moley.
 She has picked a beautiful theme, "Bees Butterflies and Blooms"
I have a layer of clear gesso on my 3 pages and have sanded it just a bit so
that my markers will appear as paint. I will be adding some acryllics to
my layout. I think that the clear gesso creates enough texture and protects the paper 
that basically you can use any medium on it.  I will be sealing this once
it is complete. I am hoping to be done with it by this weekend and I will definately
post the completed layout.

And finally this week, Here are two "Altered Keys" that I created for the "Bail Me Outta Jail" PIF over at and an adorable altered hand for Lilli in the "Blind Hand" PIF which is also over at Just browse through the forums and you will find a bunch of different swaps and threads.

I hope that you all have a fabulous Wednesday and a wonderful, creative week! See you again soon!