Friday, January 27, 2012

Altered Paper Hands

Thanks for stopping by! I just wanted to share with you a few completed "Altered Hands" for the PIF Thread Group over at and a 6x4 postcard.

Zombie hand with added fibers, blood filled vile, tiny skull and a syringe.
This hand is going to Oddbreed who just loves zombies!!
I do hope she enjoys it!

This photo is a close up of the bottom of the zombie hand.
I hand drew a Zombie sign and then added fibers, along with
the vile of blood, the skull, the syringe.

A cute little anime for Weare138. She is headed
off to Scotland now and I do hope she arrives safely.

"Paradise Smiles" is what I have titled this peice.
This was made just for Wildholly.
It will be so relaxing for Holly when her travels have
ended and she opens her mail to a beautiful hand. 

This is a 6x4 postcard for Mikesatcs.
Mike requested a personal trade and he
wanted a "Creepy Doll".
I first had started this drawing with just pencil
but the more I did something on her, I just didn't like
how it was turning out. Needless to say, she has been drawn
with prismacolor markers and I love how she turned out.
I just love how they all turned out. I hope you enjoy! I hope that I will see you again, real soon!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hi all! Thanks for stopping by again! I'm thrilled you have come back for another visit, or if  you are new, thanks for atleast taking a peek! I'm not one for words, not that I don't have lots to say or tell you, and its not the lack of being able to type just about 97 words per minute, it's the lack of recooperating after an enjoyable weekend in Mesa Arizona with friends from over at

Just a few artists (nearly 35) from around the nation showed up at a Gathering called, "Artzona". My totally awesome friend Trina hosted and organized everything fantastically! It was a pleasure to meet friends with different styles, different medium methods, and above all, girls who know how to have a fun eventful, totally awesome, inspiring Weekend!

While we were there, we were able to trade ATCs, 4x6 postcards, and 4x4 chunkies or squares. I just could get over the vast variety of individuals and their particular medium they used. Color was so pleasing and tempting to the eye, I don't think I was able to gather all the information in my head like I wanted. BUT, I did grab my notebook and jotted down some fun, fresh ideas that were tossed around the room from the girls around me.

So as I am recovering (for my third day), I will leave you with a shot of my desk and my make-shift desk on my nice cozy comfty bed!  

Happy Wednesday!

Don't forget to jump on over to Julia's blog at
She does an amazing job hosting the world wide, "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" each and every week! From there, you are able to jump to and fro to some magnificiant artists, crafters. So, what are you waiting for? Join all of us every week!