Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday!


Welcome! Welcome to my What's On My Work Desk Wednesday! So glad you stopped by.

What a fabulous Wednesday Morning! The sky is clear blue and the sun is rising over the Eastern horizon. The dogs are content. Hubby has been sent off to work with homemade lunch in hand. I've
grabbed a cup of coffee and am watching Danny Kaye in the Inspector General on TCM (my favorite channel in the world) and browsing through emails, blogs, videos and more!

Monday, I spent a few hours outside trimming my rose bushes and my neighbors. I trim my next door neighbors rose bushes weekly as her husband past away a couple of years ago and he was the rose caretaker. Here are a few pictures I took during my trimming.

My work desk is a mess as I am slowly transitioning from the Dinning Room into my new Art Studio/Craft Room. Over the weekend, in between building and setting up furniture, I was able
to complete a few projects that I had started months ago.

The first two photos below are my final 12x12 Altered Canvas Wall Hanging. It will be for sale here on my blog towards the end of the week.

This picture below is a 5x7 flat canvas. This project was made with tissue paper, stickers, fussy cutting, stamps, modge podge, clear ribbon, and my husbands wedding boutonniere from years ago.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back here for another visit soon!
Have a wonderful week!