Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

In honor of National Scrapbooking day, I have having a give-away on my You Tube Channel. I will be picking a winner tomorrow night (Sunday evening). The winnder will recieve this beautiful hand altered cigar box, and a little somethin' somethin'.
Just jump on over to my YouTube Channel at: and subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment on my video called, "National Scrapbooking Day" or click on the following link:     .

Here are a few pictures of the box.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Reducing Sale Price of my Cricut Expression Bundle!

Selling Cricut Expression

What a Fabulous Bundle!
This is what is included in this Bundle:

1. Cricut Expression with power and computer cords
2. Cricut Jukebox with power and computer cords
3. Cricut manual
4. Cricket Disc
5. One standard blade (6 unused extra blades will be included with this item.
6. One heavy duty blade (2 unused extra blades will be included with this item.
7. 2 qty. 6X12 cutting mats (used once)
8. Cricut colors in basic colors Collection (still in original packaging.)
9. Cricut colors in Primary Collection (still in original packaging.)
10. 11 cartridges LISTED BELOW with keyboard covers and 9 of them with original storage box. The remaining of the cartridges where bought in the small clear cricut packaging.

The cartridges that are included are:
A. All mixed up
B. Home Accents
C. Home Decor
D. Locker Talk
E. Printing Press
F. Simply Sweet
G. Speaking of Winter
H. Stamped
I. Stand and Salute (I'm looking for this cartridge as my craft room is being re-modeled).
J. Stone Script
K. Walk in My Garden

11. Mouse pad~ slightly used.
12. Original Tool Kit and Spatula. (unused)
13. A 1" binder of cricut cheat sheets (Will definitely need to be updated with current cricut cartridges.)
14. 2 qty. Brand New 12x12 cutting Mats.

This is almost Brand New Cricut Expression. In fact, I have only used 3 of the cartridges. Home Accents, Home Decors, and Simply Sweet.
I am asking $500.00 $450.00 $400.00, which is including shipping, except if I have to send it internationally. If so, I am asking that the buyer pay half of the cost to ship to your destination.
I will accept payment only through PayPal.
Send me a message if you are interested.
Thank you!

updated~ May6, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home Office Transformed to.....MY NEW ART STUDIO!

Hi guys!
I thought I would share some before and after pictures of my Art Studio. I have formally transferred items from the kitchen/dinning room area to a wonderful, inexpensive Art Studio. My hubby built this room for me with just a tad bit of supervision.  He is the bestest! He twitterpaits me!

Our goal to do this remodel was to not spend alot of money on this as I am still unemployed, and the market has just gone to pot.

We received some FREE office furniture. They are:

2 qty. 3x12 drafting desks
1 qty. book shelf
2 qty 3x12 feet drafting tables
1 qty 6 'x14" white shelf with brackets
1 qty 8'x15 shelf (we used some oldrusted, dirty shelf brackets that hubby had stored in the Garage)
2 qty overhead cabinets with doors

Materials/Items that were used that we have had stored in the Garage.
These items are:

2 under cabinet lights
BlockOut Red curtains, previously purchased at Ross's then modified and hemmed
to fir on my Studio Window.
All plastic Sterlite Containers
5 drawer dresser
3 moveable small carts

Items purchased:
3 80"x45 red block-out curtains (Cut, hemmed to fit on window)
2 gallons of white paint

The total dollar amount we spent on remodeling My New Art Studio
was approximately under $50.00.

I want to thank my scrubby hubby for taking the time and patience of re-fabricating the office pieces and installing them according to my blue print instructions! lol  He is just fabulous! He means the world to me. He
said that he wanted me to have my own work space and all materials and mediums that I use in my artwork, all in one place instead of running back and forth from the kitchen/dinning room area to the office. I just can't express my love and gratitude he has done for me. I am just so thankful for him. I love you my Scrubby! *kisses*

I hope you enjoy these few pictures. Don't forget to visit my YouTube Channel at Peots3ps. I have a few videos that I have shared. Please, let me know what you think of our remodeling. I would love to know!

Always, always be on the lookout for free office furniture. With all the downsizing in most companies these days, companies may be just tossing them out in the garbage. Like I said, my art studio isn't the snazziest, expensive, over the top Art Studio, but this was free. This arrangement is sooo soooo incrediably useful and fits my needs of counter space.
Have A Great Week and A Fabulous Weekend!

Pictures Before Remodeling of Home Office

Pictures After Remodeling
into my Art Studio

Let me know what you think!
If you have any questions or comments, please contact me or post a comment.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's On Your Work desk Wednesday?

Happy Wednesday!

Oh, before I forget! I want to wish my youngest, Jacobi, Happy Happy 18th Birthday Yesterday!
Don't worry, I told him that yesterday, but we are actually going to celebrate it June when we
are all together. Am I really that old? Seems like the years have gone by so fast.

Okay, As for What's on my desk? hmmmmm....
Just a short post today as I have tons on my workdesk to complete! Ohhh who am I kidding? lmao
I have a few projects to complete! No! No! I'm working on a few projects and am hoping and crossing my fingers that I am able to almost complete or complete them. We will see.
I am transitioning into my Art Studio. Just a few odds and ends left to sort, file, organize, and toss in the garbage can.
Today, I am working on a few cigar boxes and A Traveling Moley (Shar's). Her theme is Circus Freaks and beyonnnnddd... Cute! I'm excited to do my 3 page layout for her and then pass it along to the next artist.

This is what my work surface is looking like today! Uggghhhhh!

Don't forget to jump over to Julia's Blog to play along with us. You can find her at:

Have a Fabulous Wednesday! Have a Wonderful Week and I hope you will jump over to You Tube and subscribe to my channel (Peots3Ps) and sit back and watch a few videos I have uploaded.