Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's On Your Work desk Wednesday?

Happy Wednesday!

Oh, before I forget! I want to wish my youngest, Jacobi, Happy Happy 18th Birthday Yesterday!
Don't worry, I told him that yesterday, but we are actually going to celebrate it June when we
are all together. Am I really that old? Seems like the years have gone by so fast.

Okay, As for What's on my desk? hmmmmm....
Just a short post today as I have tons on my workdesk to complete! Ohhh who am I kidding? lmao
I have a few projects to complete! No! No! I'm working on a few projects and am hoping and crossing my fingers that I am able to almost complete or complete them. We will see.
I am transitioning into my Art Studio. Just a few odds and ends left to sort, file, organize, and toss in the garbage can.
Today, I am working on a few cigar boxes and A Traveling Moley (Shar's). Her theme is Circus Freaks and beyonnnnddd... Cute! I'm excited to do my 3 page layout for her and then pass it along to the next artist.

This is what my work surface is looking like today! Uggghhhhh!

Don't forget to jump over to Julia's Blog to play along with us. You can find her at:

Have a Fabulous Wednesday! Have a Wonderful Week and I hope you will jump over to You Tube and subscribe to my channel (Peots3Ps) and sit back and watch a few videos I have uploaded.


Andria said...

I don't know what a Traveling Moley is, but it looks neat!

Sarpreet said...

hope you had a lovely cup of tea, Beautiful workspace, thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 100, 100 weeks of this! wow, #3

Kathleen said...

Not sure what a Traveling Moley is sounds interesting, the cigar box looks great. I bought one myself to decorate but I'm still thinking about that one.

Ohhh Snap said...

I'm not sure what a traveling moley is either, but I haven't gotten out much in the last decade lol. Love those boxes! Lovely workspace though all sorts of goodies beckon! #117