Friday, June 24, 2011

Ooppps! What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday has carried over to Thursday and Friday This week!

WOW! What a busy week I have had! They days have slipped past me with my To Do List this week! Has that ever happened to you? lol
Well, more importantly was the health of my mother-in-law "mom" as I call her. 3 years ago she had quadruple bypass surgery and had no one to help her accomplish her daily living tasks, so my hubby and I moved her up from Texas to live with us. "Mom" has been doing quite well this past week with her health until Tuesday evening. She wasn't feeling well and didn't get up at all. Which is not unusual for her but as I was just getting ready for bed, she poked her head in through the doorway and told me that her heart rate was going really fast, but this time, pain was associated it with. Jumping up from bed I helped her to lay back down on her bed, get her legs propped up and grabbing the blood pressure cuff, we went in to "Hospital" mode. Usually when Mom has these attacks, she takes one tablet of her metropolal prescription and within 5 minutes, her heartbeat is back to normal, But, Tuesday evening, around 8:00 pm her medication had no effect on her this time. Taking her blood pressure, her heart rate throughout our "Five Minute Limit" did not decrease or slow down to Moms semi-normal numbers, So, Paremdics were called in to assist her (Having SVT (Supracentricular Tachycardia) can be genetic, and one son was just recently diagnosed with it, and is currently recieving treatment.). With the call placed, it seemed forever for the medical team, or in this case, emergency 911 to respond. Their resonse time was unbelievably poor. But luckily, they were able to give her oxygen and an IV line, which did work and slow her rate down considerably. She was transferred to the hospital emergency room. By 2:30 am she was released to come home, And neither one of us (mom and I) were able to sleep. She laid down in her room and I went to my Art Studio.  I haven't slept much since Tuesday. Maybe this weekend, I will catch up on sleep.

Vegas has been hit hard by the economy and we are hoping that it will slowly get better. Since I get to stay at home these days, I have been focusing on my ART (If you want to call it ART). My creative expression? My wanna be famous art? My self celebration? My art and soul release? lol whatever you may want to call it, is perfectly okay with me as long as you don't call it trash! LMAO

Here are a few projects that I worked on this week. Enjoy! Happy Crafting! Happy Art! Happy Life!