This Page will be for Artist Trading Cards made for Swaps over at

November 10, 2010~ This morning I finished up some quick drawings of a few peanut characters for Cardmama's request in the MMH (Make Me Happy) PIF. I was actually just to draw one, but I thought since they are so simple and plain, I would give her 4 cards.  So here is Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Sally Brown and Lucy Van Pelt.

Ocotber 29, 2010~ Today I have completed two cards for the "One Eye Wonders" ATC Swap. I have one more to come up with for her!
GoldieLocks was not known for her good looks!

Herb's profile said "Blue Eyes, not Blue Eyed"

October 27, 2010~ Today I have been working on some "Space Octopus" ATCs and also a pocket watch. Here are two completed Octopus cards:

Margintus Martian Love

Love Rocks!

October 26, 2010~ Here are some ATCs I made for the "Better With Bat Wings" Swap! I could of gone on and on with creating some fun stuff, but here are a few!

I wasn't real pleased with the first C card I made for wildgoose, so I created this cute little cat in the shape of the letter C. I will send her both of the cards.

Here is a C card for wildgoose and a whimsy mushroom house for hiddentreasures over

Here are four cards completed for the "Postage Due" Swap at ATCsforall.

Below are four cards that I finished for the Pick A Theme Swap. The them was for summer and then the girls picked their own personal themes for each of their cards.

Akkhima- Bikinis, Momoruth- Beach/Tropical
Hiddentreasues- Picnics, and Pauline- Rolling Surf
I hope that they enjoy them!

Here is a Christmas Stocking (furnished with kitty too for Robin in the MMH PIF

October 10, 2010~ Here are some Winter Cards for the September Pick A Theme Swap, Group 7.
BamaKathy- Deer/Children
Shawncaitlin- SnowAngels
Pschafe1- Santa Christmas Angels
Banne- Candle/Pointsettias

October 8, 2010~
Here are some Mermaids that I drew for the Marvelous Mermaid Swap.

September 20, 2010~ Here are some haunted houses I created for the Haunted House Chunky Page swap over at These are my first chunkies I have made and as you can see these are flat chunkies as nothing was to be hanging off them. I might jazz them up a bit more! I love Halloween! It has to be my favorite holiday! Just fun memories, I guess, that makes my eyes tear up and a smile across my face. Remembering when the boys were young, remembering trick-or-treating when I was young, and my dad walking with us around the neighborhood....memories! Enjoy!

September 15, 2010~ More cards for "Let's Travel The World 2~ Italy, Greenland and Germany!

September 3, 2010~ Four Cards for the "Halloween Superstitions/Traditions" ATC Swap over at
Remember the Beistel Halloween Decorations? Did you ever BoB for Apples? What was your favorite Costume to dress up in to go trick-or-treating? Just the thought of Bones and Bats thrills me as Halloween is my favorite Holiday!

September 3, 2010~ Here are four cards for the "Counting Crows" ATC Swap over at

August 23, 2010~ These four cards are for the "Send In The Clowns" ATC Swap.

August 20, 2010~ Wow, what a week I have had. It has gone by so fast! Here are some cards that I finished for the CHIBI ATC Swap hosted by Liblue26 over at

This set is for the July PAT Swap over at These are for Group 3.

Gregor Samsa for PocketYeti
Vintage Halloween Card  for Skyjules
Hostess Card
Audrey Kawasaki Style for Mymy
Grandmother what.... a wolf from folklore or myth for Fluffycat

This new set is for the August PAT over at This is for group 3 Easy Themes

Cows for HeatherR
Witch for Bernie 712
Tarantula for Topacelot
Butterfly for AnnaAardvark
I hope they enjoy them!

This Set is for the "In Your Own Words" ATC Swap~ For this swap we had to write something in our own every day handwriting somewhere on the card.

My favorite Quote. "Life is like a canvas, throw all the paint on it you can." ~ Danny Kaye


 Another one of my favorite quotes. "Some pursue Happiness, Others creat it." ~ Unknown

Set Two is for the "Day of the Dead" ATC Swap~ Celebrating this Mexican Holiday In October.