2010/11~ My First Moley Travel Journey

Just a quick update! My Moley has returned home to me after a year of traveling to other artists adding their interpretations of Love, Home, And Adoption (which was my theme).
I thank all the artists who participated. I value and appreciate their friendship.
Below are some pictures of my completed Moley. Enjoy!

October 21, 2010~ My Moley has left for Australia. Kind of wish I was going with it!
Here are the final pictures of the last few pages created before it was sent off.

October 20, 2010~ Yea! My antique brass winged heart pendant arrived from: http://www.bunnysundries.etsy.com/
Rain has beautiful and elegant charms, beads, and jewelry galore! I am so glad that I found her and that she put up with me for being a first time register and user to Etsy! Hugs to Rain for the prompt delivery of these items as my Moley will be heading out tomorrow and I want each of the girls to have a bit of my heart!
Here are the final key chains or whatever the girls want to use them as. Cheers!

October 19, 2010~I have completed my Moley Spread and will be sending it off to Australia
to my first artist. I am excited, but can't beleive I have to wait a full year
to see the Masterpieces inside.

Below, I have made a key chain for each of the artists who are
participating in the Travel Moley. I am just waiting for my antique brass winged heart
pendants to arrive to attach to it and send it off.

Here are a few pictures of my updated Moley Journal.
I have my travel route completed, My Personal information
and the start of my first 3 page layout.
I've added beautiful red handmade heart paper as one of my
layers in my journal.