Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mermaids Tale~

#1086~ Mermaid Tales 1- TRADED

#1087~ Mermaid Tales 2- TRADED

#1088~ Mermaid Tales 3

#1089~ Mermaid Tales 4

#1090~ Mermaids Tale 5

I decided to create a few mermaids close up and drawing them in such a way that you have to put a bit of thought into what their whole actions their story is telling. Just use your imagination..... I came up with some pretty funny tales!


jonaks said...

i just love your atc's. is your mermaid tales#2 still available? i'm also a member at AFA.

Camille Roman said...

Great job on your blog page! I love your mermaids...they are gorgeous! (but I am a fan of your work, in general!)

Take care,