Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday

Lately I have been starting projects and then for some strange reason I walk away from it and start something else. I'm really not sure, but it is frustrating as I want to complete them! Uurrrggghhhh!

To play along and participate WOYWW Julia's Blog at:
There are hundreds of participants that you can snoop at their works in progress or completed projects and not only that, build friendships and give encouragement to other ARTSY Creators!

I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday and a FABULOUS week! Keep creating, keep dreaming because it is possible as Dreams are just hidden motivation and ideas that can be achieved.

Here are a few of my "started" projects. Enjoy!


Julia Dunnit said...

It's hard DW, to look at these and think of them as unfinished! But if they are, don't think of them that way - think about all the multi tasking you're doing - they're just waiting for you to get back to 'em while the glue dries on the next one!

Carolyn Phillips said...

If they look that good as unfinished then they will look marvellous when completed.

Shazsilverwolf said...

Great to see so many 'Works in Progress', or UFO's, lol. They are looking really good, Shaz #122

The Crafty Elf said...

OMG these are beautiful. Very creative and stunning! Snap!

okienurse said...

OMG! You are calling these unfinished? OMG! They are gorgeous! Maybe they are finished and that is why you are frustrated! Sorry I am so late making it around but last week was very busy. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162

Spyder said...

I was here honest! Blogger was being mean! But anyway, had to come back to say what fantastic makes on your desk, just love them!! they are brilliant! Thanks for the very nice snoop!!
(((Happy Very Late WOYWW Lyn)))

nightfairyscrapper said...

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