Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday?

Hi folks!
I haven't been around much at all. Busy, busy, busy! Besides being busy, I actually, honestly, forgot about posting for Julia's Work Desk Wednesdays. I am so, so sorry. As I submitted a post yesterday, that's when I remembered about WOYWW. tee hee.... Short term memory loss has been occurring with my medical condition, so we are watching it very carefully and documenting it.

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In other important news, I have contracted my scrubby to help create an art studio for me. Our goal was to re-do our office into a studio without spending very much money. Sounds like there is no way to do it, huh? Well think again. My scrubby was doubtful at first, but, so far, the only dollar amount we have spent is $32.00 for paint. Everything else we had.Take a look at some before and during shots as my scrubby and I work on my Art Studio. I am planning to post the final pictures and video when completion is done.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Enjoy your Wednesday and the rest of your week!

Ohhh! Wait! Wrong Picture! 
But, I just had to throw it in.
This little powder blue vulcan has Debba written all over it.
As a modest Motorcyclist, my son asked me to accompany him in search of
purchasing a motorcycle to use as transportation.
 I came across... no!  No! I was immediately mesmerized as I spotted her awaiting her
prey through and past all the hundreds of motorcycles that were each waiting to do the same.
To lure their prey. To get that individual closer, then capture the riders senses.
 She was displayed clear across the other side of the floor room.
 I knew I was going to be in trouble the moment I walked through the doors of
"Ridenow Powersports" in Las Vegas, NV
and found the love of my life
(not really,as my scrubby can not ever be replaced).

This is a gorgeous motorcycle. Absolutely GORGEOUS!
I defeated her in the battle! I would have to walk away from
that immaculate body. Her new smell. The zero miles on
the odometer. I even conquered the thought of taking her home with me.
I conquered her lure....
.... as I was unable to convince my 20 year-old to purchase
a cruiser instead of a Yamaha FZ6!

I had won her hypmotizing presence. Which, was
the most terrible, disguisting, horrid thing I ever accomplished or won!
"Someday", I told her....." I'll be back. And it will be you to fall in my trap!"


Lisa-Jane said...

Nice bike! Oh if I didn't have two small children.... ;-)

okienurse said...

Really nice bike! I think I can still hear her calling your name...DW come back!! Where are the pictures of your craft room? You mentioned a medical condition and I remember in a previous post you talked about waking up with pain. I am curious cause about 6 months ago I woke up unable to get out of bed due to pain. Took me a half hour to get up. I keep going to doctors but nothing definitive yet and I can't work due to memory problems. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28