Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WOYWW~ January 4, 2012

The beginning of a New Year. The close of another Year. The first What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday for 2012. You can join Julia's WOYWW over on her blog at:

I'm sure that the holidays had many of you busy juggling between family, friends, work, and creating art. Our home seemed to be just that! I was able to meet my birth-daughter over the holidays as she came to spend Christmas with me and her three younger brothers. It was if she had grown up with the boys. They (and I) were very amazed at the similarities of personalities, looks, likes, dislikes, and etc. between the four of them. I was amazed at the opportunity I had to meet this young woman whom I said goodbye too over 24 years ago when I was a teenager.

Besides the reunion and the normal hussle and bussle of the holidays, we celebrated a surprise wedding of my oldest son to his beautiful, adorable girlfriend suggested by the Brides parents! Yes, the Brides parents. So, with just a day and a half of running through-out the streets of Vegas to cover all the preparations ranging from wedding dress to tuxedo to flowers, shoes, and venue, we were able to celebrate their union as husband and wife Vegas Style. Unfortunately, the only things missing were the Brides parents, but they will be hosting a reception later on for the new couple.

With the start of 2012, I wanted to express that I am very thankful for a wonderful husband and my children. Without them, I don't think my life would feel complete. I may not be able to help out as much as I would like, I value the time that I have to have great relationships with all of them. My husband is my best friend. I cherish our time. I enjoy our time. He just twitterpaits me!

Amongst the Holidays, I was able to get a few days of relaxation in and work on some ATCs for trade over at with other artists and I was even able to sign up for a few ATC Swaps that are actively happening this month.

I'll share some of my artwork in just a bit, but I just wanted to thank you all for stopping by. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for your interest in what I do. I appreciate that YOU would stop by little ole' me to see what I am up too. I'm just one individual out of millions who enjoys art and creating, who loves to share with you. I know I'll never be famous. I'll never get my ten minutes of fame, but I hope that my art inspires you. I hope that just a little spark of my talent ignites the flame inside you and let's your creative muse take over.

Thank you again for stopping by. I'll see you soon!

"Different Hearts Still Love"
Hostess ATC Card for Eraserqueen
Sacred Heart ATC Swap

Sacred Heart ATC Swap

Sacred Heart ATC Swap

Sarah Bishop Style ATCs
for "Big Is Beautiful" AFA Swap

"Irish Eyes" Watercolor/Ink
4"x6" personal trade

Altered KeyPIF "Bail Me Outta Jail"
over at

Altered KeyPIF "Bail Me Outta Jail"
over at

Altered KeyPIF "Bail Me Outta Jail"
over at

Altered Key
PIF "Bail Me Outta Jail"
over at

Sarah Bishop Style Steampunked Girls
4"x6" Bristol
Personal Trade


VonnyK said...

Love your art and they keys are great.
Von #18

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah DW, I think your holiday was pretty perfectt huh, we all have so much love to be thankful for. Love the artwork on your ATCs, each recipient must be thrilled. Wouldn't have known where to start withthe keys, you did a fantastic job.

Katie said...

Deb, you know how much I ADORE your style! I LOVE those steampunk Sarah Bishop gals! Thanks for sharing your workspace and congrats on the wedding!

Katie (138)

Anne said...

You are a very talented lady. I especially love the keys. Hope you have a happy and creative 2012. Anne x

peggy aplSEEDS said...

happy new year to you! i enjoyed my peek of your new projects. i keep planning to trade some ATCs but i haven't even scanned them yet! thanks for sharing! hugs,
peggy aplSEEDS

Sue said...

Very happy that you were able to spend some awesome time with your birth daughter! Congratulations on the wedding and new addition to the family! Love the atc's you made. Awesome work!