Monday, November 30, 2009

Some of My Art Work

This was a fun metalic acrylic painting I did. It's a cartoon take of my chocolate lab Sadie. I love the bright colors. Copyrighted.

This is an acrylic painting of two dogs (my sweet chocolate labs) I wanted something bright and cheery. I love the colors used in this 20X24 canvas. Copyrighted.

This is a 12X18 acrylic on canvas. I painted this picture to go in my living room. You wouldn't think to pair red and purples together, but it looks totally awesome hanging on my fudge walls.Copyrighted.

This picture is titled "Wish upon a star". It has been painted using acrylics. You can faintly see one of the stars shooting past her as she closes her eyes in hopes that her wish will be granted. Needless to say, it did! Copyrighted.


This is a 10X12 watercolor of a cactus out at Valley of Fire located near Las Vegas. It was my first cactus ever painted. It didn't turn out quite liked I hope, but reminds me of my visit with nature.

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