Monday, January 31, 2011

Did I miss last week or what?

Hi friends!
Last week went by so fast for me! Due to Doctor appointments I really didn't have time to do anything!
My hubby decided Friday afternoon that we should go up to BrianHead Ski Resort located in Utah just about 3 hours from Vegas. They were having a great deal! Lift pass, snowboard & boot rental and an hour and a half snowboarding class. My son and his best friend Lauren, my hubby and I left for the ski resort early in the morning (I am NOT a morning person).  We got everyone set up ready to go and off they all went to try snowboarding and leaving MOM to hang out in the semi-small lodge. This was actually the first time I felt left out. But, due to having extensive back surgery, there was no way I was going to let boo-koo-bucks of titanum steel go down the drain. (Pouting Moment)
Like I said, this was the first time I ever felt left out since having my back surgery. I am an avid tomboy and love all sports. I have never snowboarded before and wish I could of participated with part of my family for this fun outing.
The weather was just perfect and Brianhead is a pretty big resort. We decided that we would stay at Navajo Lodge ski/snowboarding/tubing division of Brianhead. If you want to check it out, click on . For just over 4 hours of snowboarding, my hubby (who hasnt skied since 1998) decided that his body could just not hack snowboarding anymore! TeeHee Now, for the record, I reminded Billy numerous times prior to him grabbing a seat on the lift. He's not 21 anymore and he has changed quite a bit! lol  He was practically born at the ski resorts. He learned to ski at the age of 4 by a father who enjoyed skiing too and would take Billy once a week. My hubby is/was an excellent skier back in his younger years. Okay, I think I rambled enough for this post, but I will post some pictures of these fabulous, talented, awesome, undefeatable snow boarders! teehee ha ha ha
Enjoy these few pics (3) and I hope you will stop back by Peots3Ps again!
Look at this sky. Absolutely a fabulous day at the slopes

left- Billy
right- Dustin

Billy~ JCPenney Catalog pose

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