Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday?

Well, on my workdesk this week are a few items. I just finished decorating my hubbys diamond steel manly man mailbox for Valentine's Day and a few scrapbook projects. Last Wednesday, my day got completely past me with Doctor apointments all week long. I didn't get too much of a break. This morning as the house is waking up to the Sunrise in Vegas, it is cold. Cold for Vegas, of course! Right now it's 25 degrees and the high for today is supposed to be 45. My bones ache from the cold. I'm a tin man who needs warmth  to loosen up my bones and joints. That is sad for a 40 year old, huh? I am one that goes to bed early and tries to wake up early. I did say,"try to get up early". Some days I'm up at 6 and others by 7am. My aching hands and fingers don't thrill at me typing on the computer. They are begging me to stop moving and want to turn rigid cold like sitting at an old piano with my fingers just barely over the keys frozen in time. Hopefully by 10 o'clock they will stop hurting and relax a bit. As I am typing this quick note, it is taking me a lot longer to type with short breaks in between thoughts and comments to the pain and stiffness in my fingers. If this is what "getting old" means, then I would like to wait for a bit, if time permits me?
I am so grateful for my small group of friends who follow my blog. I am grateful for you taking the time to read my posts and look at some pictures. I appreciate you leaving comments. It helps me to keep being creative and share bits and pieces about me to you in hopes that someday I will have helped someone. Given some inspiration or atleast be remembered at some moment in  time through your busy life.
Thank you again for following my blog, leaving comments, and asking questions. It truly helps me and is a blessing.

Oh, before I forget, if you would like to particpate in WOYWW and join in on the fun and jump around to other blogs who are also participaiting, hop on over to:  and join Julia and her 2011 WOYWW adventures.

Thank you again so much for stopping by. I just started a YouTube Channel for some "how to" short videos on projects and ideas. So, if you would like to jump over to My Channel just click here  and you will be directed right to it. Again, I just started the channel and am learning about production and posting of videos and such, so any suggestions or help would absolutely be Wonderful!

Have a Fabulous Wednesday and I hope you will stop on by more often. I promise to get better in my posts.

Diamond Plated Manly Man Mini Mailbox for Valentine's Day.
(See my You Tube Channel for video)

I used Purple flowers, ribbons and brads to
construct my Manly Man Mailbox

A Glimpse of what I am currently working on this week


Shazsilverwolf said...

Love the box, and your pictures. Thanks for sharing, happy WOYWW

Wipso said...

Some lovely crafting going on on your desk today.
A x

Sarpreet said...

gorgeous mailbox, great workspace, happy woyww, thank you for sharing, #9

Andria said...

That mailbox looks really good, i've seen a few of these lately and wouldn't know where to start!
Happy woyww and thanks for sharing.
Crafty hugs - Andria (42).

okienurse said...

looks like your desk is busy! I love the mailbox! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #80

butlersabroad said...

Lovely mailbox for your husband. Hope the cold lets up, I can never imagine Vegas as being cold, but 25F is pretty nippy no matter how you look at it! It's a bit chilly, and white too, in Michigan at the moment too!

Brenda 91

Starla said...

Great mailbox! Thanks for sharing
Star 125

Julia Dunnit said...

That manly man mailbos is a delight DW...never mind the men, I'd love one! Am so sorry about your poor hands...have you tried a vigourous rubbing in of a small application of Deep Heat to get them going (especially in the cold)? Vegas in Spring - I could live with that - I guess as you acclimatise, even 25 feels cold!

Marjo said...

wonderful mailbox, Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo lucky #1