Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stumbled Upon The Most Absolutely Fabulous Blog, EVER!!!

This morning as I was searching through all the "Grimms" Fairy Tale stories, I came upon a Blog that I must share with you.

I don't declare myself to be a top notch avid writer, or avid artist, or avid reader, or avid crafter, and/or singer. But, upon pausing for just what I thought to be just a moment, turned into over 4.5  hours of reading, viewing, admiring, jaw dropping, interesting, intriging, and the most well put-to-gether Blog.

This Blog belongs to Heidi Anne Heiner (found here: has done incrediable reading, research, writing, explaining anything and everything about Fairy Tales.

I copied a sentence off her Blog, which is absolutely true! Heidi states,"The SurLaLune Blog is the best place to read the most up-to-date fairy tale news, from new releases to other events and items of interest."

I totally recommend visiting Heidi's Blog at: . Your brief visit will lead you to "follow blog" as it is extremely one full of knowledge, opinions, brief summaries, and beautiful
art-work renditions of Book Covers.

I know if you take a brief  moment at admiring Heidi's Blog, that brief moment will turn into hours. I know that I will be following and will definately be visiting her blog from now on.

Again, here is her Blog link:

I hope you find it enjoyable and delightful as much as I did. And, kudos to Heidi Ann for an outstanding informative, inspiring blog.

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