Thursday, February 10, 2011

Completion of 3 Page Moley Spread for Grrdjules!

I have finally finished Grrdjules 3 panel spread in her traveling Moley. Jules selected "They Draw & Cook" theme based on the actual website at that Nate and Salli created. Absolutely a fun and enjoyable site of recipes and drawings all combined together.

I created my 3 page panel with one of my favorite Soups. My mom's Cheese Soup. This is definately a family recipe and brings up alot of memories about my mom. I hope that Jules will like it. So, drummmm rollll pppleease..teehee

The recipe is on the Moley pages and my three little cooks are securely attached to flip down so that Jules can see the actual recipe! Crazy idea! But it turned out better than I imagined. Leave me a comment or two.
Now, off I go the post office to get Jules moley sent to the next artist!
Have a wonderful Thursday and a Fabulous week! Hugs!


Katie said...

Those are soooo freaking cute!! You should come play in my colorful kitchen swap :) <3 <3

I always LOVE your work!

Katie said...

Did I mention how fabulous I think these are? Just thought it warranted saying it again! <3